HAR-10-30, Male

I am currently matched with a family
I was born 6/28/1997

Respectful, neat and helpful.

Favorite Foods: Pizza and Chinese food. No squash, thank you.

Favorite Animal: A dolphin.

Favorite Singers: Salt & Pepper, Garth Brooks and Randy Travis.

Best Movie Ever: Free Willy

What Brandon Likes: Brandon's favorite subject is Spanish. He also likes reading and drawing. On weekends or after school, you'll find Brandon outside riding bikes or playing football.

About Brandon: He is a loving child. Outgoing and energetic, Brandon likes to be helpful. "I'm a respectful and neat person" Brandon says, and he really likes to clean.

Perfect Day: Go to Alaska and ski down a mountain.

Perfect Family: Brandon wants a mom and dad who are nice, and who like to be outdoors.

Future Plans: When he grows up, Brandon wants to be a policeman.

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